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(Royal Outlaw, Book 1)

Prologue and First Chapter of Royal Oulaw


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Deleted Chapters

The “deleted chapters” unless you have already read Royal Outlaw.

Four Chapters from James's Perspective

Why are there so many “deleted chapters” from other character’s perspectives? Did they ever have a chance of making it into the final draft of the book?
The deleted chapters provided on this website were unlikely to have ever survived the editing process. They made the book too long without adding significant detail. They also weakened the story because there were few of them compared to the number of chapters from Mariel’s perspective.
I mostly wrote them for my benefit. The major fault I had in the series I wrote in high school was that all of the characters, except the main character, were somewhat flat. I chose to write chapters from James’s and Dreyfuss’s perspective so that I could get in their heads and understand what was going on. Essentially, writing these chapters were tools for character building.
I thought that fans might be interested in reading these story-building chapters, so that they can understand more of what went on “behind-the-scenes” with other characters. There are a couple I left out because I stripped the information and events out of them and used them later in the series—this is why there is no chapter explaining what happens when James’s takes several weeks to visit the zreshlans and ask questions about the Assassin. You'll just have to read Gilded Cage to find out what he learned!

One Chapter from Archmagician Dieter Dreyfuss's Perspective